Meet Brian

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I’m a lifelong Democrat who is running for Arizona State House Representative in District 17. I was born in California, raised in Ohio, and graduated from Kent State University with a Bachelor of Science in Spanish. I decided to move to Arizona, where I found my love of teaching and where I worked for the Department of Corrections until my recent retirement. I’m also a proud foster parent and am thankful for the opportunity to make a difference.

As a former Special Education Teacher’s Assistant and Corrections Officer, I saw firsthand the impacts of a poorly run state and local government. We need to properly fund our public schools and our teachers, we need to revitalize our economy, and we need to better protect our veterans and senior populations.

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Brian out at a pool with his family

The decision to run for office is born out of the growing need to improve our lives and that of our children and their children. The aim of my campaign is to bring honest, hard-working family and community needs to the forefront in a forward-thinking manner that best uses the resources we have while conserving resources for our future generations.

Join me today and we can bring a better future tomorrow. I will work every day to stand up for our families, our veterans, our teachers, and everyone in our communities. I will finally bring the leadership we deserve to District 17, because all that matters is us.

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